GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
stdarg_info Struct Reference

#include <tree-stdarg.h>

Collaboration diagram for stdarg_info:

Data Fields

bitmap va_list_vars
bitmap va_list_escape_vars
basic_block bb
int compute_sizes
int va_start_count
bool va_list_escapes
int * offsets
basic_block va_start_bb
tree va_start_ap

Field Documentation

basic_block stdarg_info::bb

Referenced by va_list_ptr_read().

int stdarg_info::compute_sizes

Referenced by va_list_ptr_read().

int* stdarg_info::offsets
bitmap stdarg_info::va_list_escape_vars

Referenced by check_va_list_escapes().

bool stdarg_info::va_list_escapes
bitmap stdarg_info::va_list_vars
tree stdarg_info::va_start_ap
basic_block stdarg_info::va_start_bb
     These 2 fields are only meaningful if va_start_count == 1.  

Referenced by va_list_ptr_read().

int stdarg_info::va_start_count

Referenced by va_list_ptr_read().

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