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streamer_tree_cache_d Struct Reference

#include <tree-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for streamer_tree_cache_d:

Data Fields

pointer_map< unsigned > * node_map
vec< treenodes
vec< hashval_t > hashes

Detailed Description

   Cache of pickled nodes.  Used to avoid writing the same node more
   than once.  The first time a tree node is streamed out, it is
   entered in this cache.  Subsequent references to the same node are
   resolved by looking it up in this cache.

   This is used in two ways:

   - On the writing side, the first time T is added to STREAMER_CACHE,
     a new reference index is created for T and T is emitted on the
     stream.  If T needs to be emitted again to the stream, instead of
     pickling it again, the reference index is emitted.

   - On the reading side, the first time T is read from the stream, it
     is reconstructed in memory and a new reference index created for
     T.  The reconstructed T is inserted in some array so that when
     the reference index for T is found in the input stream, it can be
     used to look up into the array to get the reconstructed T.  

Field Documentation

vec<hashval_t> streamer_tree_cache_d::hashes
pointer_map<unsigned>* streamer_tree_cache_d::node_map

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