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subscript Struct Reference

#include <tree-data-ref.h>

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Data Fields

tree last_conflict
tree distance

Detailed Description

   What is a subscript?  Given two array accesses a subscript is the
   tuple composed of the access functions for a given dimension.
   Example: Given A[f1][f2][f3] and B[g1][g2][g3], there are three
   subscripts: (f1, g1), (f2, g2), (f3, g3).  These three subscripts
   are stored in the data_dependence_relation structure under the form
   of an array of subscripts.  

Field Documentation

conflict_function* subscript::conflicting_iterations_in_a
     A description of the iterations for which the elements are
     accessed twice.  
conflict_function* subscript::conflicting_iterations_in_b
tree subscript::distance
     Distance from the iteration that access a conflicting element in
     A to the iteration that access this same conflicting element in
     B.  The distance is a tree scalar expression, i.e. a constant or a
     symbolic expression, but certainly not a chrec function.  
tree subscript::last_conflict
     This field stores the information about the iteration domain
     validity of the dependence relation.  

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