GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
target_cfgloop Struct Reference

#include <cfgloop.h>

Data Fields

unsigned x_target_avail_regs
unsigned x_target_clobbered_regs
unsigned x_target_res_regs
unsigned x_target_reg_cost [2]
unsigned x_target_spill_cost [2]

Detailed Description

   The properties of the target.  

Field Documentation

unsigned target_cfgloop::x_target_avail_regs
     Number of available registers.  
unsigned target_cfgloop::x_target_clobbered_regs
     Number of available registers that are call-clobbered.  
unsigned target_cfgloop::x_target_reg_cost[2]
     The cost for register when there still is some reserve, but we are
     approaching the number of available registers.  
unsigned target_cfgloop::x_target_res_regs
     Number of registers reserved for temporary expressions.  
unsigned target_cfgloop::x_target_spill_cost[2]
     The cost for register when we need to spill.  

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