GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
target_flag_state Struct Reference

#include <flags.h>

Data Fields

int x_align_loops_log
int x_align_loops_max_skip
int x_align_jumps_log
int x_align_jumps_max_skip
int x_align_labels_log
int x_align_labels_max_skip
int x_align_functions_log
enum excess_precision x_flag_excess_precision

Detailed Description

   Other basic status info about current function.  
   Target-dependent global state.  

Field Documentation

int target_flag_state::x_align_functions_log
int target_flag_state::x_align_jumps_log
int target_flag_state::x_align_jumps_max_skip
int target_flag_state::x_align_labels_log
int target_flag_state::x_align_labels_max_skip
int target_flag_state::x_align_loops_log
     Values of the -falign-* flags: how much to align labels in code.
     0 means `use default', 1 means `don't align'.
     For each variable, there is an _log variant which is the power
     of two not less than the variable, for .align output.  
int target_flag_state::x_align_loops_max_skip
enum excess_precision target_flag_state::x_flag_excess_precision
     The excess precision currently in effect.  

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