GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
target_hard_regs Struct Reference

#include <hard-reg-set.h>

Data Fields

HARD_REG_SET x_accessible_reg_set
HARD_REG_SET x_operand_reg_set
char x_fixed_regs [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
HARD_REG_SET x_fixed_reg_set
char x_call_used_regs [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
char x_call_really_used_regs [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
HARD_REG_SET x_call_used_reg_set
HARD_REG_SET x_call_fixed_reg_set
HARD_REG_SET x_regs_invalidated_by_call
HARD_REG_SET x_no_caller_save_reg_set
int x_reg_alloc_order [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
int x_inv_reg_alloc_order [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
HARD_REG_SET x_reg_class_contents [N_REG_CLASSES]
bool x_class_only_fixed_regs [N_REG_CLASSES]
unsigned int x_reg_class_size [N_REG_CLASSES]
enum reg_class x_reg_class_subclasses [N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
enum reg_class x_reg_class_subunion [N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
enum reg_class x_reg_class_superunion [N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
const char * x_reg_names [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]

Field Documentation

HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_accessible_reg_set
     The set of registers that actually exist on the current target.  

Referenced by hard_reg_set_iter_next().

HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_call_fixed_reg_set
     Contains registers that are fixed use -- i.e. in fixed_reg_set -- or
     a function value return register or TARGET_STRUCT_VALUE_RTX or
     STATIC_CHAIN_REGNUM.  These are the registers that cannot hold quantities
     across calls even if we are willing to save and restore them.  
char target_hard_regs::x_call_really_used_regs[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_call_used_reg_set
     The same info as a HARD_REG_SET.  
char target_hard_regs::x_call_used_regs[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     Indexed by hard register number, contains 1 for registers
     that are fixed use or are clobbered by function calls.
     These are the registers that cannot be used to allocate
     a pseudo reg whose life crosses calls.  
bool target_hard_regs::x_class_only_fixed_regs[N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each reg class, a boolean saying whether the class contains only
     fixed registers.  
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_fixed_reg_set
     The same info as a HARD_REG_SET.  

Referenced by hard_reg_set_iter_next().

char target_hard_regs::x_fixed_regs[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     Indexed by hard register number, contains 1 for registers
     that are fixed use (stack pointer, pc, frame pointer, etc.;.
     These are the registers that cannot be used to allocate
     a pseudo reg whose life does not cross calls.  

Referenced by hard_reg_set_iter_next().

int target_hard_regs::x_inv_reg_alloc_order[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     The inverse of reg_alloc_order.  
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_no_caller_save_reg_set
     Call used hard registers which can not be saved because there is no
     insn for this.  
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_operand_reg_set
     The set of registers that should be considered to be register
     operands.  It is a subset of x_accessible_reg_set.  

Referenced by hard_reg_set_iter_next().

int target_hard_regs::x_reg_alloc_order[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     Table of register numbers in the order in which to try to use them.  
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_reg_class_contents[N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each reg class, a HARD_REG_SET saying which registers are in it.  
unsigned int target_hard_regs::x_reg_class_size[N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each reg class, number of regs it contains.  
enum reg_class target_hard_regs::x_reg_class_subclasses[N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each reg class, table listing all the classes contained in it.  
enum reg_class target_hard_regs::x_reg_class_subunion[N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each pair of reg classes,
     a largest reg class contained in their union.  
enum reg_class target_hard_regs::x_reg_class_superunion[N_REG_CLASSES][N_REG_CLASSES]
     For each pair of reg classes,
     the smallest reg class that contains their union.  
const char* target_hard_regs::x_reg_names[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     Vector indexed by hardware reg giving its name.  
HARD_REG_SET target_hard_regs::x_regs_invalidated_by_call
     Contains 1 for registers that are set or clobbered by calls.  
     ??? Ideally, this would be just call_used_regs plus global_regs, but
     for someone's bright idea to have call_used_regs strictly include
     fixed_regs.  Which leaves us guessing as to the set of fixed_regs
     that are actually preserved.  We know for sure that those associated
     with the local stack frame are safe, but scant others.  

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