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value_data_entry Struct Reference
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Data Fields

enum machine_mode mode
unsigned int oldest_regno
unsigned int next_regno
struct queued_debug_insn_changedebug_insn_changes

Detailed Description

   For each register, we have a list of registers that contain the same
   value.  The OLDEST_REGNO field points to the head of the list, and
   the NEXT_REGNO field runs through the list.  The MODE field indicates
   what mode the data is known to be in; this field is VOIDmode when the
   register is not known to contain valid data.  

Field Documentation

struct queued_debug_insn_change* value_data_entry::debug_insn_changes

Referenced by set_value_regno().

enum machine_mode value_data_entry::mode
unsigned int value_data_entry::next_regno
unsigned int value_data_entry::oldest_regno

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