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var_loc_node Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx loc
const char * label
struct var_loc_nodenext

Detailed Description

   Node of the variable location list.  

Field Documentation

const char* var_loc_node::label

Referenced by declare_in_namespace().

rtx var_loc_node::loc
     Either NOTE_INSN_VAR_LOCATION, or, for SRA optimized variables,
     EXPR_LIST chain.  For small bitsizes, bitsize is encoded
     in mode of the EXPR_LIST node and first EXPR_LIST operand
     is either NOTE_INSN_VAR_LOCATION for a piece with a known
     location or NULL for padding.  For larger bitsizes,
     mode is 0 and first operand is a CONCAT with bitsize
     as first CONCAT operand and NOTE_INSN_VAR_LOCATION resp.
     NULL as second operand.  

Referenced by concat_loc_descriptor(), and strip_naming_typedef().

struct var_loc_node* var_loc_node::next

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