GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
vn_ssa_aux Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-sccvn.h>

Data Fields

tree valnum
tree expr
unsigned int value_id
unsigned int dfsnum
unsigned int low
unsigned visited: 1
unsigned on_sccstack: 1
unsigned has_constants: 1
unsigned use_processed: 1
unsigned needs_insertion: 1

Field Documentation

unsigned int vn_ssa_aux::dfsnum
     SCC information.  
tree vn_ssa_aux::expr
     Representative expression, if not a direct constant. 

Referenced by simplify_binary_expression().

unsigned vn_ssa_aux::has_constants
     Whether the representative expression contains constants.  

Referenced by simplify_binary_expression().

unsigned int vn_ssa_aux::low
unsigned vn_ssa_aux::needs_insertion
     Whether the SSA_NAME has no defining statement and thus an
     insertion of such with EXPR as definition is required before
     a use can be created of it.  
unsigned vn_ssa_aux::on_sccstack
unsigned vn_ssa_aux::use_processed
     Whether the SSA_NAME has been value numbered already.  This is
     only saying whether visit_use has been called on it at least
     once.  It cannot be used to avoid visitation for SSA_NAME's
     involved in non-singleton SCC's.  
tree vn_ssa_aux::valnum
     Value number. This may be an SSA name or a constant.  

Referenced by create_component_ref_by_pieces(), DFS(), and vn_phi_eq().

unsigned int vn_ssa_aux::value_id
     Unique identifier that all expressions with the same value have. 

Referenced by bitmap_find_leader(), create_component_ref_by_pieces(), DFS(), get_expr_type(), phi_translate_1(), and vn_nary_op_insert_into().

unsigned vn_ssa_aux::visited

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