GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
tree-dump.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  dump_node_info
struct  dump_queue
struct  dump_info


typedef struct dump_infodump_info_p
typedef struct dump_node_infodump_node_info_p
typedef struct dump_queuedump_queue_p


void dump_pointer (dump_info_p, const char *, void *)
void dump_int (dump_info_p, const char *, int)
void dump_string (dump_info_p, const char *)
void dump_string_field (dump_info_p, const char *, const char *)
void queue_and_dump_index (dump_info_p, const char *, const_tree, int)
void queue_and_dump_type (dump_info_p, const_tree)
void dump_function (int, tree)
int dump_flag (dump_info_p, int, const_tree)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct dump_info* dump_info_p
typedef struct dump_node_info * dump_node_info_p
   Information about a node to be dumped.  
typedef struct dump_queue * dump_queue_p
   A dump_queue is a link in the queue of things to be dumped.  

Function Documentation

int dump_flag ( dump_info_p  di,
int  flag,
const_tree  node 
   Return nonzero if FLAG has been specified for the dump, and NODE
   is not the root node of the dump.  
void dump_function ( int  ,
void dump_int ( dump_info_p  ,
const char *  ,
void dump_pointer ( dump_info_p  ,
const char *  ,
void *   
void dump_string ( dump_info_p  ,
const char *   
void dump_string_field ( dump_info_p  ,
const char *  ,
const char *   
void queue_and_dump_index ( dump_info_p  ,
const char *  ,
const_tree  ,
void queue_and_dump_type ( dump_info_p  ,