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tree-parloops.h File Reference

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bool parallelized_function_p (tree)
bool parallelize_loops (void)

Function Documentation

bool parallelize_loops ( void  )
   Detect parallel loops and generate parallel code using libgomp
   primitives.  Returns true if some loop was parallelized, false
     Do not parallelize loops in the functions created by parallelization.  
         If we use autopar in graphite pass, we use its marked dependency
      checking results.  
             FIXME: the check for vector phi nodes could be removed.  
         FIXME: Bypass this check as graphite doesn't update the
         count and frequency correctly now.  
                 Do not bother with loops in cold areas.  
     Parallelization will cause new function calls to be inserted through
     which local variables will escape.  Reset the points-to solution
     for ESCAPED.  
bool parallelized_function_p ( tree  )