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ipa_jump_func::jump_func_value Union Reference

#include <ipa-prop.h>

Collaboration diagram for ipa_jump_func::jump_func_value:

Data Fields

struct ipa_known_type_data known_type
struct ipa_constant_data constant
struct ipa_pass_through_data pass_through
struct ipa_ancestor_jf_data ancestor

Detailed Description

     Represents a value of a jump function.  pass_through is used only in jump
     function context.  constant represents the actual constant in constant jump
     functions and member_cst holds constant c++ member functions.  

Field Documentation

struct ipa_ancestor_jf_data ipa_jump_func::jump_func_value::ancestor
struct ipa_known_type_data ipa_jump_func::jump_func_value::known_type

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