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Data Structures

struct  target_flag_state


void strip_off_ending (char *, int)
int base_of_path (const char *path, const char **base_out)
bool fast_math_flags_set_p (const struct gcc_options *)
bool fast_math_flags_struct_set_p (struct cl_optimization *)


const char *const debug_type_names []
bool final_insns_dump_p
struct target_flag_state default_target_flag_state
struct target_flag_statethis_target_flag_state

Function Documentation

int base_of_path ( const char *  path,
const char **  base_out 

Referenced by read_cmdline_options().

bool fast_math_flags_set_p ( const struct gcc_options *  )
   Return true iff flags are set as if -ffast-math.  
bool fast_math_flags_struct_set_p ( struct cl_optimization *  )
void strip_off_ending ( char *  ,

Variable Documentation

const char* const debug_type_names[]
   Names of debug_info_type, for error messages.  
   Indexed by enum debug_info_type.  

Referenced by handle_param().

struct target_flag_state default_target_flag_state

Referenced by crash_signal().

bool final_insns_dump_p
   Now the symbols that are set with `-f' switches.  
   True if printing into -fdump-final-insns= dump.  
   True if printing into -fdump-final-insns= dump.  

Referenced by leaf_renumber_regs().

struct target_flag_state* this_target_flag_state

Referenced by crash_signal().