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gimple-streamer.h File Reference

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void input_bb (struct lto_input_block *, enum LTO_tags, struct data_in *, struct function *, int)
void output_bb (struct output_block *, basic_block, struct function *)

Function Documentation

void input_bb ( struct lto_input_block ib,
enum LTO_tags  tag,
struct data_in data_in,
struct function fn,
int  count_materialization_scale 
   In gimple-streamer-in.c  
   Read a basic block with tag TAG from DATA_IN using input block IB.
   FN is the function being processed.  
     This routine assumes that CFUN is set to FN, as it needs to call
     basic GIMPLE routines that use CFUN.  
     LTO_bb1 has statements.  LTO_bb0 does not.  
         After the statement, expect a 0 delimiter or the EH region
         that the previous statement belongs to.  
void output_bb ( struct output_block ,
basic_block  ,
struct function  
   In gimple-streamer-out.c