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output_block Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

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Data Fields

enum lto_section_type section_type
struct lto_out_decl_statedecl_state
struct lto_output_streammain_stream
struct lto_output_streamstring_stream
struct lto_output_streamcfg_stream
hash_table< string_slot_hasherstring_hash_table
struct cgraph_nodecgraph_node
const char * current_file
int current_line
int current_col
bool global
struct streamer_tree_cache_dwriter_cache
struct obstack obstack

Detailed Description

   Data structure holding all the data and descriptors used when writing
   an LTO file.  

Field Documentation

struct lto_output_stream* output_block::cfg_stream
     The stream that contains the cfg.  

Referenced by output_eh_regions().

struct cgraph_node* output_block::cgraph_node
     The current cgraph_node that we are currently serializing.  Null
     if we are serializing something else.  
int output_block::current_col
const char* output_block::current_file
     These are the last file and line that were seen in the stream.
     If the current node differs from these, it needs to insert
     something into the stream and fix these up.  
int output_block::current_line
struct lto_out_decl_state* output_block::decl_state
bool output_block::global
     True if writing globals and types.  
struct lto_output_stream* output_block::main_stream
     The stream that the main tree codes are written to.  

Referenced by bp_unpack_int_in_range(), output_eh_regions(), streamer_write_hwi(), streamer_write_uhwi(), and streamer_write_zero().

struct obstack output_block::obstack
     All data persistent across whole duration of output block
     can go here.  

Referenced by streamer_string_index().

enum lto_section_type output_block::section_type
hash_table<string_slot_hasher> output_block::string_hash_table
     The hash table that contains the set of strings we have seen so
     far and the indexes assigned to them.  

Referenced by streamer_string_index().

struct lto_output_stream* output_block::string_stream
     The stream that contains the string table.  

Referenced by streamer_string_index().

struct streamer_tree_cache_d* output_block::writer_cache
     Cache of nodes written in this section.  

Referenced by lto_output(), lto_write_tree(), and write_symbol().

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