GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_dep_link Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for _dep_link:

Data Fields

dep_node_t node
struct _dep_linknext
struct _dep_link ** prev_nextp

Detailed Description

   A link in the dependency list.  This is essentially an equivalent of a
   single {INSN, DEPS}_LIST rtx.  

Field Documentation

struct _dep_link* _dep_link::next
     Next link in the list. For the last one it is NULL.  
dep_node_t _dep_link::node
     Dep node with all the data.  
struct _dep_link** _dep_link::prev_nextp
     Pointer to the next field of the previous link in the list.
     For the first link this points to the deps_list->first.

     With help of this field it is easy to remove and insert links to the

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