GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_sd_iterator Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for _sd_iterator:

Data Fields

sd_list_types_def types
rtx insn
bool resolved_p

Detailed Description

   Iterator to walk through, resolve and delete dependencies.  

Field Documentation

rtx _sd_iterator::insn
     Instruction dependencies lists of which will be walked.  
dep_link_t* _sd_iterator::linkp
     Pointer to the next field of the previous element.  This is not
     simply a pointer to the next element to allow easy deletion from the
     list.  When a dep is being removed from the list the iterator
     will automatically advance because the value in *linkp will start
     referring to the next element.  

Referenced by deps_analyze_insn(), ds_get_speculation_types(), sd_add_dep(), and set_dependency_caches().

bool _sd_iterator::resolved_p
     True if the current list is a resolved one.  

Referenced by sd_add_dep().

sd_list_types_def _sd_iterator::types
     What lists to walk.  Can be any combination of SD_LIST_* flags.  

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