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algorithm Struct Reference

#include <expmed.h>

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Data Fields

struct mult_cost cost
short ops
enum alg_code op [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
char log [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]

Detailed Description

   This structure records a sequence of operations.
   `ops' is the number of operations recorded.
   `cost' is their total cost.
   The operations are stored in `op' and the corresponding
   logarithms of the integer coefficients in `log'.

   These are the operations:
   alg_zero             total := 0;
   alg_m                total := multiplicand;
   alg_shift            total := total * coeff
   alg_add_t_m2         total := total + multiplicand * coeff;
   alg_sub_t_m2         total := total - multiplicand * coeff;
   alg_add_factor       total := total * coeff + total;
   alg_sub_factor       total := total * coeff - total;
   alg_add_t2_m         total := total * coeff + multiplicand;
   alg_sub_t2_m         total := total * coeff - multiplicand;

   The first operand must be either alg_zero or alg_m.  

Field Documentation

struct mult_cost algorithm::cost
char algorithm::log[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
enum alg_code algorithm::op[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
     The size of the OP and LOG fields are not directly related to the
     word size, but the worst-case algorithms will be if we have few
     consecutive ones or zeros, i.e., a multiplicand like 10101010101...
     In that case we will generate shift-by-2, add, shift-by-2, add,...,
     in total wordsize operations.  
short algorithm::ops

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