GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ao_ref_s Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-alias.h>

Data Fields

tree ref
tree base
HOST_WIDE_INT max_size
alias_set_type ref_alias_set
alias_set_type base_alias_set
bool volatile_p

Detailed Description

   Simplified and cached information about a memory reference tree.
   Used by the alias-oracle internally and externally in alternate

Field Documentation

tree ao_ref_s::base
     The following fields are the decomposed reference as returned
     by get_ref_base_and_extent.  
     The base object of the memory reference or NULL_TREE if all of
     the following fields are not yet computed.  

Referenced by phi_translate().

alias_set_type ao_ref_s::base_alias_set
     The alias set of the base object or -1 if not yet computed.  

Referenced by debug_points_to_info_for().

HOST_WIDE_INT ao_ref_s::max_size
     The maximum possible extent of the access or -1 if unconstrained.  

Referenced by mark_aliased_reaching_defs_necessary_1().

HOST_WIDE_INT ao_ref_s::offset
     The offset relative to the base.  

Referenced by mark_aliased_reaching_defs_necessary_1().

tree ao_ref_s::ref
     The original full memory reference tree or NULL_TREE if that is
     not available.  

Referenced by debug_points_to_info_for(), and refs_independent_p().

alias_set_type ao_ref_s::ref_alias_set
     The alias set of the access or -1 if not yet computed.  
HOST_WIDE_INT ao_ref_s::size
     The size of the access.  

Referenced by vn_reference_lookup_3().

bool ao_ref_s::volatile_p
     Whether the memory is considered a volatile access.  

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