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bitmap_element_def Struct Reference

#include <bitmap.h>

Collaboration diagram for bitmap_element_def:

Data Fields

struct bitmap_element_defnext
struct bitmap_element_defprev
unsigned int indx

Detailed Description

   Bitmap set element.  We use a linked list to hold only the bits that
   are set.  This allows for use to grow the bitset dynamically without
   having to realloc and copy a giant bit array.

   The free list is implemented as a list of lists.  There is one
   outer list connected together by prev fields.  Each element of that
   outer is an inner list (that may consist only of the outer list
   element) that are connected by the next fields.  The prev pointer
   is undefined for interior elements.  This allows
   bitmap_elt_clear_from to be implemented in unit time rather than
   linear in the number of elements to be freed.  

Field Documentation

struct bitmap_element_def* bitmap_element_def::prev

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