GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ce_if_block Struct Reference

#include <basic-block.h>

Collaboration diagram for ce_if_block:

Data Fields

basic_block test_bb
basic_block then_bb
basic_block else_bb
basic_block join_bb
basic_block last_test_bb
int num_multiple_test_blocks
int num_and_and_blocks
int num_or_or_blocks
int num_multiple_test_insns
int and_and_p
int num_then_insns
int num_else_insns
int pass

Detailed Description

   Structure to group all of the information to process IF-THEN and
   IF-THEN-ELSE blocks for the conditional execution support.  This
   needs to be in a public file in case the IFCVT macros call
   functions passing the ce_if_block data structure.  

Field Documentation

int ce_if_block::and_and_p

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

basic_block ce_if_block::else_bb

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

basic_block ce_if_block::join_bb
basic_block ce_if_block::last_test_bb

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

int ce_if_block::num_and_and_blocks
int ce_if_block::num_else_insns
int ce_if_block::num_multiple_test_blocks

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

int ce_if_block::num_multiple_test_insns
int ce_if_block::num_or_or_blocks
int ce_if_block::num_then_insns
int ce_if_block::pass
basic_block ce_if_block::test_bb

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

basic_block ce_if_block::then_bb

Referenced by cond_exec_get_condition().

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