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choice_entry Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int index
int rest
int n
state_t state
first_cycle_multipass_data_t target_data

Detailed Description

   The following structure describe an entry of the stack of choices.  

Field Documentation

int choice_entry::index
     Ordinal number of the issued insn in the ready queue.  

Referenced by early_queue_to_ready().

int choice_entry::n
     The number of issued essential insns.  

Referenced by early_queue_to_ready(), max_issue(), and ok_for_early_queue_removal().

int choice_entry::rest
     The number of the rest insns whose issues we should try.  

Referenced by early_queue_to_ready(), and ok_for_early_queue_removal().

state_t choice_entry::state
     State after issuing the insn.  

Referenced by early_queue_to_ready(), haifa_sched_init(), and ok_for_early_queue_removal().

first_cycle_multipass_data_t choice_entry::target_data
     Target-specific data.  

Referenced by early_queue_to_ready(), and ok_for_early_queue_removal().

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