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cl_option_handlers Struct Reference

#include <opts.h>

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Data Fields

bool(* unknown_option_callback )(const struct cl_decoded_option *decoded)
void(* wrong_lang_callback )(const struct cl_decoded_option *decoded, unsigned int lang_mask)
size_t num_handlers
struct cl_option_handler_func handlers [3]

Detailed Description

   Structure describing the callbacks used in handling options.  

Field Documentation

struct cl_option_handler_func cl_option_handlers::handlers[3]
     The handlers themselves.  
size_t cl_option_handlers::num_handlers
     The number of individual handlers.  
bool(* cl_option_handlers::unknown_option_callback)(const struct cl_decoded_option *decoded)
     Callback for an unknown option to determine whether to give an
     error for it, and possibly store information to diagnose the
     option at a later point.  Return true if an error should be
     given, false otherwise.  

Referenced by generate_option().

void(* cl_option_handlers::wrong_lang_callback)(const struct cl_decoded_option *decoded, unsigned int lang_mask)
     Callback to handle, and possibly diagnose, an option for another

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