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cmpd_local_params Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for cmpd_local_params:

Data Fields

edge e1
edge e2
expr_t c_expr_merged
expr_t c_expr_local
def_list_t old_original_insns
BOOL_BITFIELD removed_last_insn: 1

Detailed Description

   This structure holds local data used in code_motion_path_driver hooks on
   the same or adjacent levels of recursion.  Here we keep those parameters
   that are not used in code_motion_path_driver routine itself, but only in
   its hooks.  Moreover, all parameters that can be modified in hooks are
   in this structure, so all other parameters passed explicitly to hooks are

Field Documentation

expr_t cmpd_local_params::c_expr_local
expr_t cmpd_local_params::c_expr_merged
     C_EXPR merged from all successors and locally allocated temporary C_EXPR.  

Referenced by update_fence_and_insn().

edge cmpd_local_params::e1
     Local params used in move_op_* functions.  
     Edges for bookkeeping generation.  
edge cmpd_local_params::e2
def_list_t cmpd_local_params::old_original_insns
     Local params used in fur_* functions.  
     Copy of the ORIGINAL_INSN list, stores the original insns already
     found before entering the current level of code_motion_path_driver.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cmpd_local_params::removed_last_insn
     Local params used in move_op_* functions.  
     True when we have removed last insn in the block which was
     also a boundary.  Do not update anything or create bookkeeping copies.  

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