GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cse_reg_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int timestamp
int reg_qty
int reg_tick
int reg_in_table
unsigned int subreg_ticked

Field Documentation

int cse_reg_info::reg_in_table
     The REG_TICK value at which rtx's containing this register are
     valid in the hash table.  If this does not equal the current
     reg_tick value, such expressions existing in the hash table are
int cse_reg_info::reg_qty
     The quantity number of the register's current contents.  
int cse_reg_info::reg_tick
     The number of times the register has been altered in the current
     basic block.  
unsigned int cse_reg_info::subreg_ticked
     The SUBREG that was set when REG_TICK was last incremented.  Set
     to -1 if the last store was to the whole register, not a subreg.  
unsigned int cse_reg_info::timestamp
     The timestamp at which this register is initialized.  

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