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data_dependence_relation Struct Reference

#include <tree-data-ref.h>

Collaboration diagram for data_dependence_relation:

Data Fields

struct data_referencea
struct data_referenceb
tree are_dependent
vec< subscript_psubscripts
vec< loop_ploop_nest
vec< lambda_vectordir_vects
vec< lambda_vectordist_vects
unsigned inner_loop
bool reversed_p
bool affine_p
bool self_reference_p

Detailed Description

   A data_dependence_relation represents a relation between two
   data_references A and B.  

Field Documentation

struct data_reference* data_dependence_relation::a
bool data_dependence_relation::affine_p
     When the dependence relation is affine, it can be represented by
     a distance vector.  
tree data_dependence_relation::are_dependent
     A "yes/no/maybe" field for the dependence relation:

     - when "ARE_DEPENDENT == NULL_TREE", there exist a dependence
       relation between A and B, and the description of this relation
       is given in the SUBSCRIPTS array,

     - when "ARE_DEPENDENT == chrec_known", there is no dependence and
       SUBSCRIPTS is empty,

     - when "ARE_DEPENDENT == chrec_dont_know", there may be a dependence,
       but the analyzer cannot be more specific.  
struct data_reference* data_dependence_relation::b
vec<lambda_vector> data_dependence_relation::dir_vects
     The classic direction vector.  
vec<lambda_vector> data_dependence_relation::dist_vects
     The classic distance vector.  
unsigned data_dependence_relation::inner_loop
     An index in loop_nest for the innermost loop that varies for
     this data dependence relation.  
vec<loop_p> data_dependence_relation::loop_nest
     The analyzed loop nest.  
bool data_dependence_relation::reversed_p
     Is the dependence reversed with respect to the lexicographic order?  
bool data_dependence_relation::self_reference_p
     Set to true when the dependence relation is on the same data
vec<subscript_p> data_dependence_relation::subscripts
     For each subscript in the dependence test, there is an element in
     this array.  This is the attribute that labels the edge A->B of
     the data_dependence_relation.  

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