GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ddg_edge Struct Reference

#include <ddg.h>

Collaboration diagram for ddg_edge:

Data Fields

ddg_node_ptr src
ddg_node_ptr dest
dep_type type
dep_data_type data_type
int latency
int distance
ddg_edge_ptr next_in
ddg_edge_ptr next_out
union {
   int   count
   void *   info

Detailed Description

   A structure that represents an edge in the DDG.  

Field Documentation

union { ... } ddg_edge::aux
     For general use by algorithms manipulating the ddg.  

Referenced by find_predecessors().

int ddg_edge::count

Referenced by find_predecessors().

dep_data_type ddg_edge::data_type
     REG or MEM dependency.  
int ddg_edge::distance
     The distance: number of loop iterations the dependency crosses.  

Referenced by find_nodes_on_paths(), and print_ddg_edge().

void* ddg_edge::info
int ddg_edge::latency
     Latency of the dependency.  

Referenced by find_nodes_on_paths(), and print_ddg_edge().

ddg_edge_ptr ddg_edge::next_in
     The following two fields are used to form a linked list of the in/out
     going edges to/from each node.  

Referenced by free_ddg().

ddg_edge_ptr ddg_edge::next_out
ddg_node_ptr ddg_edge::src
     The source and destination nodes of the dependency edge.  

Referenced by find_predecessors().

dep_type ddg_edge::type
     TRUE, OUTPUT or ANTI dependency.  

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