GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ddg_node Struct Reference

#include <ddg.h>

Collaboration diagram for ddg_node:

Data Fields

int cuid
rtx insn
rtx first_note
ddg_edge_ptr in
ddg_edge_ptr out
sbitmap successors
sbitmap predecessors
union {
   int   count
   void *   info

Detailed Description

   A structure that represents a node in the DDG.  

Field Documentation

union { ... } ddg_node::aux
     For general use by algorithms manipulating the ddg.  

Referenced by find_nodes_on_paths().

int ddg_node::count

Referenced by find_nodes_on_paths().

int ddg_node::cuid
     Each node has a unique CUID index.  These indices increase monotonically
     (according to the order of the corresponding INSN in the BB), starting
     from 0 with no gaps.  

Referenced by add_intra_loop_mem_dep(), create_ddg(), find_nodes_on_paths(), find_predecessors(), free_ddg(), print_ddg_edge(), and walk_mems_1().

rtx ddg_node::first_note
     A note preceding INSN (or INSN itself), such that all insns linked
     from FIRST_NOTE until INSN (inclusive of both) are moved together
     when reordering the insns.  This takes care of notes that should
     continue to precede INSN.  

Referenced by create_ddg().

ddg_edge_ptr ddg_node::in
     Incoming and outgoing dependency edges.  

Referenced by free_ddg().

void* ddg_node::info
rtx ddg_node::insn
ddg_edge_ptr ddg_node::out
sbitmap ddg_node::predecessors

Referenced by create_ddg().

sbitmap ddg_node::successors
     Each bit corresponds to a ddg_node according to its cuid, and is
     set iff the node is a successor/predecessor of "this" node.  

Referenced by create_ddg().

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