GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ddg_scc Struct Reference

#include <ddg.h>

Collaboration diagram for ddg_scc:

Data Fields

sbitmap nodes
int num_backarcs
int recurrence_length

Detailed Description

   Holds information on an SCC (Strongly Connected Component) of the DDG.  

Field Documentation

ddg_edge_ptr* ddg_scc::backarcs
     Array and number of backarcs (edges with distance > 0) in the SCC.  

Referenced by set_recurrence_length().

sbitmap ddg_scc::nodes
     A bitmap that represents the nodes of the DDG that are in the SCC.  

Referenced by get_node_of_insn(), set_recurrence_length(), and verify_partial_schedule().

int ddg_scc::num_backarcs

Referenced by set_recurrence_length().

int ddg_scc::recurrence_length
     The maximum of (total_latency/total_distance) over all cycles in SCC.  

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