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decision_test Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct decision_testnext
enum decision_type type
union {
   int   num_insns
   enum machine_mode   mode
   RTX_CODE   code
   struct {
      const char *   name
      struct pred_data *   data
      enum machine_mode   mode
   }   pred
   const char *   c_test
   int   veclen
   int   dup
   HOST_WIDE_INT   intval
   int   opno
   struct {
      int   code_number
      int   lineno
      int   num_clobbers_to_add
   }   insn

Detailed Description

   A single test.  The two accept types aren't tests per-se, but
   their equality (or lack thereof) does affect tree merging so
   it is convenient to keep them here.  

Field Documentation

const char* decision_test::c_test

Referenced by write_header().

RTX_CODE decision_test::code

Referenced by maybe_both_true_2(), and new_decision().

int decision_test::code_number
struct pred_data* decision_test::data
int decision_test::dup
struct { ... } decision_test::insn
HOST_WIDE_INT decision_test::intval

Referenced by write_action().

int decision_test::lineno
enum machine_mode decision_test::mode
                                   Optimization hints for this predicate.  
const char* decision_test::name
struct decision_test* decision_test::next
     A linked list through the tests attached to a node.  

Referenced by factor_tests(), merge_trees(), nodes_identical_1(), write_action(), and write_header().

int decision_test::num_clobbers_to_add
int decision_test::num_insns
int decision_test::opno
struct { ... } decision_test::pred

Referenced by maybe_both_true_2().

union { ... } decision_test::u
int decision_test::veclen

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