GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
pred_data Struct Reference

#include <gensupport.h>

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Data Fields

struct pred_datanext
const char * name
bool special
const char * c_block
rtx exp
enum rtx_code singleton
int num_codes
bool allows_non_lvalue
bool allows_non_const
bool codes [NUM_RTX_CODE]

Detailed Description

   Predicate handling: helper functions and data structures.  

Field Documentation

bool pred_data::allows_non_const
bool pred_data::allows_non_lvalue
const char* pred_data::c_block
     data used primarily by genpreds.c 

Referenced by process_define_predicate().

bool pred_data::codes[NUM_RTX_CODE]

Referenced by valid_predicate_name_p().

rtx pred_data::exp
const char* pred_data::name
struct pred_data* pred_data::next
int pred_data::num_codes
enum rtx_code pred_data::singleton
     data used primarily by genrecog.c 
bool pred_data::special

Referenced by add_c_test().

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