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delay_pair Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct delay_pairnext_same_i1
rtx i1
rtx i2
int cycles
int stages

Detailed Description

   A structure to record a pair of insns where the first one is a real
   insn that has delay slots, and the second is its delayed shadow.
   I1 is scheduled normally and will emit an assembly instruction,
   while I2 describes the side effect that takes place at the
   transition between cycles CYCLES and (CYCLES + 1) after I1.  

Field Documentation

int delay_pair::cycles

Referenced by haifa_htab_i2_traverse().

rtx delay_pair::i1
struct delay_pair* delay_pair::next_same_i1
int delay_pair::stages
     When doing modulo scheduling, we a delay_pair can also be used to
     show that I1 and I2 are the same insn in a different stage.  If that
     is the case, STAGES will be nonzero.  

Referenced by discard_delay_pairs_above(), and haifa_htab_i2_traverse().

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