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dref_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct data_referenceref
gimple stmt
tree name_defined_by_phi
unsigned distance
double_int offset
unsigned pos
unsigned always_accessed: 1

Detailed Description

   Data references (or phi nodes that carry data reference values across
   loop iterations).  

Field Documentation

unsigned dref_d::always_accessed
     True if the memory reference is always accessed when the loop is

Referenced by get_chain_root(), and order_drefs().

unsigned dref_d::distance
     Distance of the reference from the root of the chain (in number of
     iterations of the loop).  

Referenced by remove_name_from_operation(), and single_nonlooparound_use().

tree dref_d::name_defined_by_phi
     In case that STMT is a phi node, this field is set to the SSA name
     defined by it in replace_phis_by_defined_names (in order to avoid
     pointing to phi node that got reallocated in the meantime).  

Referenced by execute_pred_commoning_chain().

double_int dref_d::offset
     Number of iterations offset from the first reference in the component.  
unsigned dref_d::pos
     Number of the reference in a component, in dominance ordering.  
struct data_reference* dref_d::ref
     The reference itself.  

Referenced by get_chain_root(), and predcom_tmp_var().

gimple dref_d::stmt
     The statement in that the reference appears.  

Referenced by execute_pred_commoning_chain(), and single_nonlooparound_use().

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