GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_must_not_throw Struct Reference

#include <except.h>

Data Fields

tree failure_decl
location_t failure_loc

Field Documentation

tree eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_must_not_throw::failure_decl
         A function decl to be invoked if this region is actually reachable
         from within the function, rather than implementable from the runtime.
         The normal way for this to happen is for there to be a CLEANUP region
         contained within this MUST_NOT_THROW region.  Note that if the
         runtime handles the MUST_NOT_THROW region, we have no control over
         what termination function is called; it will be decided by the
         personality function in effect for this CIE.  
location_t eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_must_not_throw::failure_loc
         The location assigned to the call of FAILURE_DECL, if expanded.  

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