GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
expand_operand Struct Reference

#include <optabs.h>

Collaboration diagram for expand_operand:

Data Fields

type unsigned int 
unsigned_p: 1
unsigned int unused: 7
mode rtx 

Detailed Description

   Information about an operand for instruction expansion.  

Field Documentation

ENUM_BITFIELD (expand_operand_type) type unsigned int expand_operand::unsigned_p
     The type of operand.  
     True if any conversion should treat VALUE as being unsigned
     rather than signed.  Only meaningful for certain types.  
unsigned int expand_operand::unused
     Unused; available for future use.  
ENUM_BITFIELD (machine_mode) mode rtx expand_operand::value
     The mode passed to the convert_*_operand function.  It has a
     type-dependent meaning.  
     The value of the operand.  

Referenced by count_type_elements(), expand_expr_real_1(), and get_atomic_op_for_code().

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