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finally_tree_node Struct Reference
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Data Fields

treemple child
gimple parent

Detailed Description

   First pass of EH node decomposition.  Build up a tree of GIMPLE_TRY_FINALLY
   nodes and LABEL_DECL nodes.  We will use this during the second phase to
   determine if a goto leaves the body of a TRY_FINALLY_EXPR node.  

Field Documentation

treemple finally_tree_node::child
     When storing a GIMPLE_TRY, we have to record a gimple.  However
     when deciding whether a GOTO to a certain LABEL_DECL (which is a
     tree) leaves the TRY block, its necessary to record a tree in
     this field.  Thus a treemple is used. 

Referenced by lookup_stmt_eh_lp().

gimple finally_tree_node::parent

Referenced by lookup_stmt_eh_lp().

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