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godump_container Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct pointer_set_tdecls_seen
struct pointer_set_tpot_dummy_types
htab_t keyword_hash
htab_t type_hash
htab_t invalid_hash
struct obstack type_obstack

Detailed Description

   A container for the data we pass around when generating information
   at the end of the compilation.  

Field Documentation

struct pointer_set_t* godump_container::decls_seen
     DECLs that we have already seen.  

Referenced by go_output_typedef().

htab_t godump_container::invalid_hash
     Invalid types.  

Referenced by go_append_string(), and go_output_typedef().

htab_t godump_container::keyword_hash
     Go keywords.  
struct pointer_set_t* godump_container::pot_dummy_types
     Types which may potentially have to be defined as dummy
htab_t godump_container::type_hash
     Global type definitions.  

Referenced by go_output_typedef().

struct obstack godump_container::type_obstack
     Obstack used to write out a type definition.  

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