GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
hard_regs_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

bool regs_for_mode_ok [NUM_MACHINE_MODES]
HARD_REG_SET regs_for_call_clobbered [NUM_MACHINE_MODES]
HARD_REG_SET regs_ever_used
HARD_REG_SET stack_regs

Detailed Description

   This struct contains precomputed hard reg sets that are needed when
   computing registers available for renaming.  

Field Documentation

HARD_REG_SET hard_regs_data::regs_ever_used
     All registers that are used or call used.  
HARD_REG_SET hard_regs_data::regs_for_call_clobbered[NUM_MACHINE_MODES]
     For every mode, this stores registers not available due to
     call clobbering.  
HARD_REG_SET hard_regs_data::regs_for_mode[NUM_MACHINE_MODES]
     For every mode, this stores registers available for use with
     that mode.  
bool hard_regs_data::regs_for_mode_ok[NUM_MACHINE_MODES]
     True when regs_for_mode[mode] is initialized.  
HARD_REG_SET hard_regs_data::regs_for_rename[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     For every register, it has regs that are ok to rename into it.
     The register in question is always set.  If not, this means
     that the whole set is not computed yet.  
HARD_REG_SET hard_regs_data::stack_regs
     Stack registers.  

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