GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
inc_insn Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for inc_insn:

Data Fields

rtx insn
rtx pat
bool reg1_is_const
enum form form
rtx reg_res
rtx reg0
rtx reg1
enum inc_state reg1_state
HOST_WIDE_INT reg1_val

Detailed Description

   Parsed fields of an inc insn of the form "reg_res = reg0+reg1" or
   "reg_res = reg0+c".  

Field Documentation

enum form inc_insn::form
rtx inc_insn::insn
rtx inc_insn::pat
rtx inc_insn::reg0
rtx inc_insn::reg1
bool inc_insn::reg1_is_const
enum inc_state inc_insn::reg1_state
HOST_WIDE_INT inc_insn::reg1_val
rtx inc_insn::reg_res

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