GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
insn_operand_data Struct Reference

#include <recog.h>

Data Fields

const insn_operand_predicate_fn predicate
const char *const constraint
const mode const char 
const char is_operator
const char eliminable
const char allows_mem

Field Documentation

const char insn_operand_data::allows_mem
const char* const insn_operand_data::constraint

Referenced by init_op_alt_data().

const char insn_operand_data::eliminable
const char insn_operand_data::is_operator

Referenced by init_op_alt_data().

const insn_operand_predicate_fn insn_operand_data::predicate
ENUM_BITFIELD (machine_mode) const mode const char insn_operand_data::strict_low

Referenced by init_op_alt_data().

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