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insn_reserv_decl Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx condexp
int default_latency
regexp_t regexp
const char * name
int insn_num
struct bypass_declbypass_list
regexp_t transformed_regexp
arc_t arcs_marked_by_insn
int equiv_class_num
automata_list_el_t important_automata_list
int processed_p

Detailed Description

   This describes define_insn_reservation (see file rtl.def).  

Field Documentation

arc_t insn_reserv_decl::arcs_marked_by_insn
     The following field value is list of arcs marked given
     insn.  The field is used in transformation NDFA -> DFA.  
struct bypass_decl* insn_reserv_decl::bypass_list
     The following field value is list of bypasses in which given insn
     is output insn.  Bypasses with the same input insn stay one after
     another in the list in the same order as their occurrences in the
     description but the bypass without a guard stays always the last
     in a row of bypasses with the same input insn.  
rtx insn_reserv_decl::condexp
int insn_reserv_decl::default_latency
int insn_reserv_decl::equiv_class_num
     The two following fields are used during minimization of a finite state
     The field value is number of equivalence class of state into
     which arc marked by given insn enters from a state (fixed during
     an automaton minimization).  

Referenced by output_min_issue_delay_vect_name().

automata_list_el_t insn_reserv_decl::important_automata_list
     The following member value is the list to automata which can be
     changed by the insn issue.  
int insn_reserv_decl::insn_num
     The following fields are defined by checker.  
     The following field value is order number (0, 1, ...) of given

Referenced by output_max_insn_queue_index_def().

const char* insn_reserv_decl::name
int insn_reserv_decl::processed_p
     The following member is used to process insn once for output.  
regexp_t insn_reserv_decl::regexp
regexp_t insn_reserv_decl::transformed_regexp
     The following fields are defined by automaton generator.  
     The following field is the insn regexp transformed that
     the regexp has not optional regexp, repetition regexp, and an
     reservation name (i.e. reservation identifiers are changed by the
     corresponding regexp) and all alternations are the top level
     of the regexp.  The value can be NULL only if it is special
     insn `cycle advancing'.  

Referenced by unit_present_on_list_p().

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