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bypass_decl Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for bypass_decl:

Data Fields

int latency
const char * out_pattern
const char * in_pattern
const char * bypass_guard_name
struct insn_reserv_declout_insn_reserv
struct insn_reserv_declin_insn_reserv
struct bypass_declnext

Detailed Description

   This describes define_bypass (see file rtl.def).  

Field Documentation

const char* bypass_decl::bypass_guard_name
struct insn_reserv_decl* bypass_decl::in_insn_reserv
const char* bypass_decl::in_pattern
struct bypass_decl* bypass_decl::next
     The next bypass for given output insn.  

Referenced by output_max_insn_queue_index_def().

struct insn_reserv_decl* bypass_decl::out_insn_reserv
     The following fields are defined by checker.  
     output and input insns of given bypass.  
const char* bypass_decl::out_pattern

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