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ssa_operand_iterator_d Struct Reference

#include <ssa-iterators.h>

Collaboration diagram for ssa_operand_iterator_d:

Data Fields

enum ssa_op_iter_type iter_type
bool done
int flags
unsigned i
unsigned numops
use_optype_p uses
gimple stmt

Detailed Description

   This structure is used in the operand iterator loops.  It contains the
   items required to determine which operand is retrieved next.  During
   optimization, this structure is scalarized, and any unused fields are
   optimized away, resulting in little overhead.  

Field Documentation

bool ssa_operand_iterator_d::done
int ssa_operand_iterator_d::flags
unsigned ssa_operand_iterator_d::i
enum ssa_op_iter_type ssa_operand_iterator_d::iter_type

Referenced by num_imm_uses(), and op_iter_next_use().

unsigned ssa_operand_iterator_d::numops
gimple ssa_operand_iterator_d::stmt
use_optype_p ssa_operand_iterator_d::uses

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