GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
tree-ssa-operands.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  use_optype_d
struct  ssa_operand_memory_d
struct  ssa_operands


typedef treedef_operand_p
typedef ssa_use_operand_tuse_operand_p
typedef struct use_optype_duse_optype_p


bool ssa_operands_active (struct function *)
void init_ssa_operands (struct function *fn)
void fini_ssa_operands (void)
bool verify_ssa_operands (gimple stmt)
void free_stmt_operands (gimple)
void update_stmt_operands (gimple)
void swap_ssa_operands (gimple, tree *, tree *)
bool verify_imm_links (FILE *f, tree var)
void dump_immediate_uses_for (FILE *file, tree var)
void dump_immediate_uses (FILE *file)
void debug_immediate_uses (void)
void debug_immediate_uses_for (tree var)
void unlink_stmt_vdef (gimple)
static tree get_use_from_ptr ()
static tree get_def_from_ptr ()

Typedef Documentation

typedef tree* def_operand_p
   Interface to SSA operands.  
   This represents a pointer to a DEF operand.  
   This represents a pointer to a USE operand.  
typedef struct use_optype_d* use_optype_p

Function Documentation

void debug_immediate_uses ( void  )
   Dump def-use edges on stderr.  
void debug_immediate_uses_for ( tree  var)
void dump_immediate_uses ( FILE *  file)
void dump_immediate_uses_for ( FILE *  file,
tree  var 
void fini_ssa_operands ( void  )
   Dispose of anything required by the operand routines.  

Referenced by execute_init_datastructures().

void free_stmt_operands ( gimple  )
static tree get_def_from_ptr ( )
   Return the tree pointed-to by DEF.  
static tree get_use_from_ptr ( )
   Return the tree pointed-to by USE.  
void init_ssa_operands ( struct function fn)
bool ssa_operands_active ( struct function )
void swap_ssa_operands ( gimple  ,
tree ,
void unlink_stmt_vdef ( gimple  )
void update_stmt_operands ( gimple  )
bool verify_imm_links ( FILE *  f,
tree  var 
bool verify_ssa_operands ( gimple  stmt)