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gimple-builder.c File Reference


static tree get_expr_type ()
gimple build_assign ()
gimple build_type_cast ()

Function Documentation

gimple build_assign ( )
   Build a new gimple assignment.  The LHS of the assignment is a new
   temporary whose type matches the given expression.  MODE indicates
   whether the LHS should be an SSA or a normal temporary.  CODE is
   the expression code for the RHS.  OP1 is the first operand and VAL
   is an integer value to be used as the second operand.  
   Build and return a new GIMPLE assignment.  The new assignment will
   have the opcode CODE and operands OP1 and OP2.  The type of the
   expression on the RHS is inferred to be the type of OP1.

   The LHS of the statement will be an SSA name or a GIMPLE temporary
   in normal form depending on the type of builder invoking this
gimple build_type_cast ( )
   Create and return a type cast assignment. This creates a NOP_EXPR
   that converts OP to TO_TYPE.  
static tree get_expr_type ( )

Functions for high level gimple building routines. Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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   Return the expression type to use based on the CODE and type of
   the given operand OP.  If the expression CODE is a comparison,
   the returned type is boolean_type_node.  Otherwise, it returns
   the type of OP.