GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gensupport.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  c_test
struct  pred_data
struct  pattern_stats


bool init_rtx_reader_args_cb (int, char **, bool(*)(const char *))
bool init_rtx_reader_args (int, char **)
rtx read_md_rtx (int *, int *)
int maybe_eval_c_test (const char *)
void add_c_test (const char *, int)
hashval_t hash_c_test (const void *)
int cmp_c_test (const void *, const void *)
void traverse_c_tests (htab_trav, void *)
struct pred_datalookup_predicate (const char *)
void add_predicate_code (struct pred_data *, enum rtx_code)
void add_predicate (struct pred_data *)
void get_pattern_stats (struct pattern_stats *ranges, rtvec vec)


struct obstackrtl_obstack
int insn_elision
struct pred_datafirst_predicate

Function Documentation

void add_c_test ( const char *  ,
   Add an entry to the table of conditions.  Used by genconditions and
   by read-rtl.c.  
void add_predicate ( struct pred_data )
void add_predicate_code ( struct pred_data ,
enum  rtx_code 
int cmp_c_test ( const void *  ,
const void *   
void get_pattern_stats ( struct pattern_stats ranges,
rtvec  vec 
hashval_t hash_c_test ( const void *  )
bool init_rtx_reader_args ( int  ,
char **   
bool init_rtx_reader_args_cb ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
bool(*)(const char *)  parse_opt 
   The entry point for initializing the reader.  
     Prepare to read input.  
     Start at 1, to make 0 available for CODE_FOR_nothing.  
     Process define_cond_exec patterns.  
     Process define_subst patterns.  
struct pred_data* lookup_predicate ( const char *  )
int maybe_eval_c_test ( const char *  )
   If the C test passed as the argument can be evaluated at compile
   time, return its truth value; else return -1.  The test must have
   appeared somewhere in the machine description when genconditions
   was run.  
rtx read_md_rtx ( int *  ,
int *   
void traverse_c_tests ( htab_trav  ,
void *   

Variable Documentation

struct pred_data* first_predicate
int insn_elision
   Set this to 0 to disable automatic elision of insn patterns which
   can never be used in this configuration.  See genconditions.c.
   Must be set before calling init_md_reader.