GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
collect2.h File Reference

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void do_tlink (char **, char **)
struct pex_obj * collect_execute (const char *, char **, const char *, const char *, int flags)
int collect_wait (const char *, struct pex_obj *)
void dump_ld_file (const char *, FILE *)
int file_exists (const char *)
void notice_translated (const char *,...) ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1
void notice (const char *,...) ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1


const char * ldout
const char * lderrout
const char * c_file_name
struct obstack temporary_obstack
char * temporary_firstobj
bool vflag
bool debug
bool may_unlink_output_file

Function Documentation

struct pex_obj* collect_execute ( const char *  prog,
char **  argv,
const char *  outname,
const char *  errname,
int  flags 
   Execute a program, and wait for the reply.  
         If using @file arguments, create a temporary file and put the
         contents of argv into it.  Then change argv to an array corresponding
         to a single argument @FILE, where FILE is the temporary filename.  
         Note: we assume argv contains at least one element; this is
         checked above.  
     If we cannot find a program we need, complain error.  Do this here
     since we might not end up needing something that we could not find.  
int collect_wait ( const char *  ,
struct pex_obj *   
void do_tlink ( char **  ,
char **   
void dump_ld_file ( const char *  ,
FILE *   
int file_exists ( const char *  )
void notice ( const char *  ,
void notice_translated ( const char *  ,

Variable Documentation

const char* c_file_name
bool debug
   Dump expression REF.  
   Dump a rtx vector REF.  
   Unified dump function for a DATA_REFERENCE structure.  
   Generic dump for the above.  
   End of lto-streamer.h copy.  
     Print the slot this node is in, and its code, and address.  

Referenced by debug(), find_a_file(), find_file_set_debug(), prefix_from_string(), and write_aix_file().

const char* lderrout
const char* ldout
bool may_unlink_output_file
   Whether we may unlink the output file, which should be set as soon as we
   know we have successfully produced it.  This is typically useful to prevent
   blindly attempting to unlink a read-only output that the target linker
   would leave untouched.  
char* temporary_firstobj
struct obstack temporary_obstack

Referenced by obstack_fgets(), and tlink_execute().

bool vflag