GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
file-find.c File Reference


void find_file_set_debug ()
char * find_a_file ()
void add_prefix ()
void prefix_from_env ()
void prefix_from_string ()


static bool debug = false

Function Documentation

void add_prefix ( )
   Add an entry for PREFIX to prefix list PPREFIX.  
     Keep track of the longest prefix.  

References prefix_list::next, and path_prefix::plist.

Referenced by prefix_from_string().

char* find_a_file ( )
     Determine the filename to execute (special case for absolute paths).  
           Some systems have a suffix for executable files.
           So try appending that.  
           Some systems have a suffix for executable files.
           So try appending that.  

References debug, free(), len, path_prefix::max_len, prefix_list::next, path_prefix::plist, prefix_list::prefix, and strlen().

Referenced by fatal_signal(), handle_braces(), and print_multilib_info().

void find_file_set_debug ( )

References debug, and debug_state().

void prefix_from_env ( )
   Take the value of the environment variable ENV, break it into a path, and
   add of the entries to PPREFIX.  
void prefix_from_string ( )

References add_prefix(), and debug.

Variable Documentation

bool debug = false

Utility functions for finding files relative to GCC binaries. Copyright (C) 1992-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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