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prefix_list Struct Reference

#include <file-find.h>

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Data Fields

const char * prefix
struct prefix_listnext
int require_machine_suffix
int priority
int os_multilib

Detailed Description

   Structure to hold all the directories in which to search for files to
   Structures to keep track of prefixes to try when looking for files.  

Field Documentation

struct prefix_list * prefix_list::next
int prefix_list::os_multilib

Referenced by record_temp_file().

const char * prefix_list::prefix

Referenced by find_a_file(), and record_temp_file().

int prefix_list::priority
     2 means try both machine_suffix and just_machine_suffix.  

Referenced by add_to_obstack().

int prefix_list::require_machine_suffix

Referenced by record_temp_file().

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