GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_bnd Struct Reference

#include <sel-sched-ir.h>

Collaboration diagram for _bnd:

Data Fields

insn_t to
ilist_t ptr
av_set_t av
av_set_t av1
deps_t dc

Detailed Description

   Boundary of the current fence group.  

Field Documentation

av_set_t _bnd::av
     Availability set at the boundary.  
av_set_t _bnd::av1
     This set moved to the fence.  
deps_t _bnd::dc
     Deps context at this boundary.  As long as we have one boundary per fence,
     this is just a pointer to the same deps context as in the corresponding
ilist_t _bnd::ptr
     Its path to the fence.  
insn_t _bnd::to
     The actual boundary instruction.  

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